Almeria - Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo now on more goals than 36 Pichichi trophy winners

NEWS | 13/12/2014

The Portuguese star, who has 25 goals, has already beaten his own scoring record for the first half of a La Liga season with 4 matchdays still to go.
The best player in the world continues to smash the statistics. With his brace against Almería, Cristiano Ronaldo has already reached 25 goals - a bigger haul than those achieved by the end-of-season top scorers from 36 previous La Liga campaigns. Footballers of the stature of Ronaldo, Zarra, Quini, Hugo Sánchez or Raúl claimed the Pichichi trophy having scored fewer goals during the whole campaign than the Portuguese's current total.

Cristiano's figures are from another era. Nobody in the history of La Liga has ever scored more goals than him in the first 15 matchdays. Only Pruden (1940/41) and Bata (1930/31) have also managed to reach the Madrid forward's 25 at the same stage of the league season. 

With 25, he has equalled the record for goals scored in La Liga after 15 matchdays.

With four games still to play before the La Liga season reaches its halfway stage, Cristiano Ronaldo has now posted his best scoring record in the opening 19 matchdays. The two goals that he notched at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos saw him overtake the 23 that he hit in the first half of the 2010/11 and 2011/12 campaigns.

Pichichis with 24 goals
Raúl (Real Madrid, 2000/01), Vieri (Atlético, 1997/98), Quini (Sporting, 1979/80), Kempes (Valencia, 1976/77), Waldo (Valencia, 1966/67), Di Stéfano (Real Madrid, 1955/56) and Zarra (Athletic, 1945/46 and 1952/53).

Pichichis with 23 goals
Di Stéfano (Real Madrid, 1958/59) and Pahíño (Celta, 1947/48).

22 goals
Hugo Sánchez (Real Madrid, 1985/86) and Uriarte (Athletic, 1967/68).

21 goals
Tristán (Deportivo, 2001/02) and Quini (Sporting, 1975/76).

20 goals
Rincón (Betis, 1982/83), Quini (Barcelona, 1980/81 y Sporting, 1973/74), Porta (Granada, 1971/72), Puskas (Real Madrid, 1963/64) and Unamuno (Athletic, 1939/40).

19 goals
Butragueño (Real Madrid, 1991/91), Juanito (Real Madrid, 1984/95), Hugo Sánchez (Atlético, 1984/85), Carlos (Athletic, 1974/75), Marianín (Oviedo, 1972/73), Babá (Elche, 1965/66), Babenes (Valladolid, 1957/58), Di Stéfano (Real Madrid, 1957/58), Ricardo (Valencia, 1957/58), Zarra (Athletic, 1944/45) and Gorostiza (Athletic, 1929,/30).

17 goals
Da Silva (Valladolid, 1983/84), Gárate (Atlético, 1970/71) and Rexach (Barcelona, 1970/71).

16 goals
Amancio (Real Madrid, 1969/70), Gárate (Atlético, 1969/70), Luis Aragonés (Atlético, 1969/70) and Olivares (Real Madrid, 1932/33).

14 goals
Amancio (Real Madrid, 1968/69), Gárate (Atlético, 1968/69) and Bienzobas (Real Sociedad, 1928/29).

12 goals
Gorostiza (Athletic, 1931/32).