Carvajal recibe premio D.O. La Mancha

Carvajal collects the 'Jóvenes 2014 D. O. La Mancha' award

NEWS | 24/11/2014

“It is an honour for me to donate this prize to the Real Madrid Foundation and the Manos de Ayuda Social Foundation”, said the youth academy graduate.
Carvajal has been bestowed with the Jóvenes 2014 D. O. La Mancha award by the designation of origin of wine from said region of Spain. The ceremony took place in the presidential box in the Santiago Bernabéu, where the Real Madrid player received recognition as a standout athlete over the course of the year, thus succeeding fellow team-mate Isco.

“Thanks to the Denominación de Origen Castilla La Mancha for giving me this award. It is an honour to receive this award and to be able to donate the prize to beneficial causes like those carried out by the Real Madrid Foundation and the Manos de Ayuda Social Foundation. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my team-mates, the coaches and everyone involved with Real Madrid.”

Additionally, Carvajal congratulated the other prize winners: “I would like to congratulate the Women's National Basketball team for their extraordinary silver medal in Istanbul.”