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Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano

Ancelotti: “Kroos was man of the match, he's playing to a very high level”

NEWS | 08/11/2014 | javier garcía

"He makes up a very good pairing with Modric, they play really well together."
Carlo Ancelotti expressed his satisfaction after his side's comprehensive win over Rayo saw them stay at the top of the table: "We put in a good performance. We were up against a team that looked to play the ball. We worked hard and played well, which we've made a habit of in this period of the season. Kroos was man of the match today and he scored his first goal."

"I'm surprised by him, he is playing to a very high level. He has the freedom to go forward from time to time and, when he does, Modric covers his position. They're a very good pairing, they play really well together. I value the defensive work the forwards put in, it's very important. The team needs everyone to put in a shift. And Bale and Cristiano scoring is nothing new."

"We've improved this season in our pressing. We're playing more compactly. In the second half, we didn't press well on the wing, but later we improved in that area."


“Cristiano didn't look anxious to score to me. He played very well and combined with his team-mates. It isn't a problem for me if he doesn't score in a game, and I don't think it is for him either. When we're defending, Cristiano usually positions himself more centrally alongside Karim. When we're attacking, he usually begins the move on the left."

Keylor Navas
“It was time to give him a run-out. He's training well and needs to be motivated like the rest. He played well and was assured. Now we have other games in which I can use him."

Bale for Isco
“We try to play in the same way. Bale gives us more penetration, but the style of play doesn't change. Against Rayo it's an unusual match because they are a team who look to come out and play, and you can't always have possession. James had played 30 minutes less, and so I decided to pick him instead of Isco. In the next game I could decide that Isco plays instead of James."

Opponents' style of play
“In Spain there are a lot of teams who play to a definite style and use it in every game, regardless of whether they're playing against a big or small team. It's a positive feature of Spanish football."