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Real Madrid - Barcelona

Ramos: “The scoreline is fair”

NEWS | 25/10/2014 | Bárbara Jiménez

“We couldn't let the game get away from us”, explained Carvajal.
Sergio Ramos was in the starting eleven in the victory over Barcelona and at the end of the game he expressed his joy: “It's just three points but an encounter with Barcelona is different. We took a big step forward by winning and doing so in the manner we did, with a great deal of sacrifice and hard work. It was a Real Madrid that controlled possession a lot and read the phases of the game well. The scoreline is fair”.

“We won with a lot of authority. Normally we use the counter-attacks to hurt a team like Barcelona but today we were able to move up into the opposition half and keep the ball, which is when they suffered most. It was a very big effort by the team and we're going home happy to have closed the gap and won in this way”.

We kept the ball and knew how to read the phases of the game.

“We had a clear idea that we wanted to dominate the match. Today was a day to enjoy and things happened for us. It was a pretty complete game by us. They're not used to being dominated and we hurt them”.

Casillas and Isco
“I'm not surprised by the saves Casillas made. He's an insurance policy for us. Players like Isco should be congratulated, they have been getting less game time and whenever they go on they make the most of it. Isco is a unique player and his brilliance and magic is great for us”.

“It has been an unforgettable day, of the kind that stays with you. From the first moment on the bus, the expectation was huge. We want to thank the fans for their affection and what they transmitted to us. We're happy that we can offer this victory to the supporters”.

Carvajal: “We have come out stronger”
“After Barcelona's goal we thought we couldn't let the game get away from us, and it didn't. Matches go through many phases. We're a team that also likes to control possession and there were moments when we took it from Barcelona”.

“In the end we were comfortable playing on the counter-attack, because they left spaces. We have come out stronger from this game and on Wednesday we head to the Cornellà. Today was just three points and let's get on with it”.