Foro Luis de Carlos

“It's important we start to think that we can win La Undécima all together”

NEWS | 15/10/2014 | Alba Redondo

The topic for debate at another session of the Luis de Carlos Forum, which was held in the presidential box at the Santiago Bernabéu, was 'The 10 European Cups'.
The Santiago Bernabéu presidential box hosted another edition of the Luis de Carlos Forum organised by the Real Madrid Foundation, which on this occasion was entitled 'The 10 European Cups'. Moderated by the journalist Enrique Ortego and chaired by Enrique Sánchez, executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, the event saw the participation of Real Madrid's La Décima-winning coach, Carlo Ancelotti, as well as ex-players Gento, the only footballer with 6 European Cups; Amancio, who was part of the 1966 triumph; two-time victor Sanchís; and Fernando Hierro, winner of La Séptima, La Octava and La Novena.

Before the event began, those in attendance enjoyed a video looking back over the unforgettable moments of the finals of each of Real Madrid's European Cup victories.

Gento: “Winning one is difficult, but winning six or ten is much more so”
“Winning one European Cup is difficult, but winning six or ten is much more so. For us, the president, the members and fans, achieving those triumphs brought the greatest joy. Now we have a great team, a great coach, a great support and we're going to achieve a lot more. What I want is for the madridistas to feel proud of their team. I have felt that way and continue to feel that way, and Real Madrid bring me huge enjoyment. When they won La Décima, we jumped for joy when we managed to get that goal and the ones that came after it."

Di Stéfano was like an older brother to me, he taught me a lot.

“Di Stéfano and I arrived in the same year, in the 1953/54 season, and I was used to a centre-forward playing at the tip of the attack, and I remember that Di Stéfano gave me a bit of a shock because he would move to the defence, to the midfield and then to the forward line. Di Stéfano was the player I needed. He was like an older brother to me, he taught me a lot: curling the ball, playing one-twos. We owe him a lot. He was truly great, a maestro, a fighter who gave his all in every game and deserves huge recognition. Thanks to him, Real Madrid won so many European Cups."

Amancio: “I've never felt as much emotion in my life as I did in Lisbon”
“I've never felt as much emotion in my life as I did in Lisbon. I've played, I've suffered, but Lisbon is unforgettable. It makes me feel emotional right now. Nobody expected us to win La Sexta, because the stand-out team that was the dominant force was Moratti's Inter. Once we overcame that barrier, we took a Pirri goal to the San Siro. The match was very rough and difficult, but in the end we made it through."

Ancelotti: “We can win La Undécima all together”
“I'm very proud to be a part of such an important story. For us, the memories of the last Cup win are still very fresh. The first day I arrived here, I saw the trophy room and there was a cup missing. Some have said that we won it because we were lucky to score a goal in the last minute. Others have said that Real Madrid won it despite the coach. We managed it because the madridistas, the club, the president, all the fans, all the team dreamed of that moment."

Sanchís: “For our generation, La Séptima is special”
“For our generation, the Champions League is a very special trophy and the most special for me personally, because I lived in a household in which we spoke about football every day. My father won La Sexta and every day at breakfast there were anecdotes about that game, about how great it was to win it. In the dressing room, we were aware of a need to win this trophy. I started out in 1983 and, when we won it in 1998, it had been 15 seasons for me, but it had been 32 years since the victory in 1966. A number of good generations went by without winning it."

"That year, we weren't doing too well but we put in a great tournament. We had a top team. We enjoyed moments of luck in the match, but Pedja's goal came and we managed to stop them from scoring and set the clock back at zero. It's funny that we won La Octava two years later, and La Novena two years after that."

Hierro: “La Séptima left a huge mark on our generation”
“After 32 years, winning La Séptima is something we'll never forget. La Octava and La Novena came afterwards, but La Séptima left a mark on our generation. The dream of the Madrid fans, of a generation of players who were lucky enough to represent the club in a match that we didn't go into as favourites. But our support turned that match around. From there on, the spirit changes, the mentality changes, Real Madrid are giants in Europe again and come out of that day enormously strong once again."

"That day, we didn't even have champagne, we toasted with water and Juve gave us their champagne. From there, we went on to win La Octava. We weren't favourites in Paris, but the confidence and calm of that winning generation made sure we did it. And La Novena of Figo, of Zidane, who were eager to win the Champions League. They came because of the winning momentum of La Séptima and La Octava. Zizou's goal is the most fantastic that has ever been seen in a final. I'm lucky to have played three finals and won all three."

At the close of the discussion, a huge ovation for Alfredo Di Stéfano saw an emotional tribute paid to the club legend. Those in attendance at the Forum were also able to enjoy a unique exhibition of exclusive items related to the European Cup titles, compiled by the Real Madrid Heritage Centre.