Cornellà - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “We played a serious game”

NEWS | 29/10/2014

“Isco is switched on, gets about and is enjoying in his best form since joining Real Madrid”, he added.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the Power8 Stadium press room after the game to analyse Real Madrid's first leg encounter against Cornellá in the Copa del Rey Round of 32: “We were good and played a serious game. The players who were involved can be happy with themselves for putting on a great spectacle”.

“Cornellà played well and deserved their goal. They worked extremely well, were well organised and fought hard. The atmosphere was excellent and we had a lot of supporters cheering us on in the stadium”.

Praise for Isco
“He is great and is loved by the fans. He's switched on, gets around the pitch and is enjoying his best form since joining Real Madrid. We hope he can keep it up, with the same rhythm and with the same attitude”.

The whole squad is fine, including those who haven't played much.

“Benzema is fine. He didn't have any problems recovering in time for this match and didn't need a rest. The whole squad is fine, including those who haven't played much, like Khedira and Illarra. James doesn't have any problems. The plan was to give him an hour on the pitch and he played a good game”.

The playing system
“4-4-2 is a system we use regularly when we don't have possession in order to defend well. Today we played well with the ball also. Usually, when we have the ball we play with an extra man up front. This system allows us to press better when we don't have it”.

His statements about Blatter
“I need to redress what I said. The question I was asked this morning wasn't very clear. He didn't ask for Neuer to win the Ballon d'Or, instead he was referring to the World Cup Golden Ball, which I agree with him about. As such, I would like to redress what I said this morning”.