Real Madrid - Cordoba

Carvajal: “We came up against an opponent who played well and left few spaces”

NEWS | 25/08/2014 | Diego Jabalquinto

"The first match is always difficult and we managed to win", stated Kroos.
Dani Carvajal spoke to the press after the league opener against Córdoba and explained the feeling in the dressing room: “We came up against an opponent who played well and left few spaces. They attacked and created problems, but opponents can also play and they can create difficulty at any time. We were better in the second half, but you have to be optimistic”.

“This has just started. Last year, we really struggled to beat Betis and look how the season ended. We’re going to give it time because it is early days yet. Things need to get rolling and there are players who recently joined. We have been getting more fluid with every training session. Losing the Supercup of Spain did not create any doubt and it helped us start the league with a win”.

His form
"Doing a complete preseason with the team gives you a boost to start the season with strength and to help the rest".

First objective: Anoeta
"Now we have to think about Sunday’s match because we will have a bit battle in the Anoeta against Real Sociedad. It will be tough".

Message to Di María
“He is a great player and a great teammate. I wish him luck wherever he goes. This is the squad and we’re going to fight for everything”.

Kroos: "I felt very comfortable"
Toni Kroos analysed the match against Córdoba in his debut in the Spanish league: "This victory is important, the first match of the league is always tough and we managed to win. I felt very comfortable on the pitch".

Next match
"We’ve had a series of very intense matches. Now we have a week to prepare for the next one. The visit to Real Sociedad will be difficult but we will go all out for victory in the Anoeta".