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Arbeloa: “We are hungry for titles and the Super Cup is another chance to win one”

INTERVIEW | 10/08/2014

“For Real Madrid it is very important to fight for another European trophy”.

Álvaro Arbeloa spoke about the final of the European Super Cup and the successes of last season in an interview with the official UEFA media. On the upcoming game against Sevilla in Cardiff, he explained: “These matches at the start of the season are different. We’ll certainly see a lot of chances, I hope it’s an attractive game and that Madrid win”.

  1. Is it important to win the Super Cup in order to get off to a good start to the season?

    It’s always important to win titles. It’s a Super Cup of course, but that does not mean the team doesn’t want to win another title. It will certainly be difficult, but we will give our all. We are hungry to win a lot of titles and now we have another chance, we hope to make the most of it.

  2. What do you think of Sevilla?

    They had a good season and deservedly won the UEFA Europa League. It will be difficult for us, because a lot of players have come from the World Cup and maybe we have a little bit of a disadvantage in that respect, so we’re going to have to dig deep.

  3. What type of match are you expecting in Cardiff?

    These matches at the start of the season are different, neither team is at full fitness and we’ll certainly see more chances than there are in a European final. I hope it’s an attractive match and that Madrid win.

  4. How important is it for the club to fight for another European accolade?

    Very important, of course. Real Madrid’s prestige has always been a result of its victories in Europe. For this club and for these players it is very important for us to have chances to fight for a European title and to win it.

  5. What are your thoughts on the success of Madrid last season?

    It was a pretty good season. We won two titles and also the coveted Décima. We have to be quite happy with that after the arrival of Ancelotti and a number of new players.

  6. There was a lot of talk about the Décima, did you feel relieved to get it?

    More than relief, joy, above all joy. It is true that we were in search of that title for a long time. We knew what it meant, not just for the club, but for all of our fans, and sharing that joy with them is something we will never forget.

  7. You started your professional career with Real Madrid. How special was it to win the Champions League with that team?

    They always say that playing at Real Madrid is the pinnacle but, above all, that the most important thing is to win with Madrid. Before now we had won Ligas, Copas, etc. but until you win a Champions League you feel like something is missing. When you get this title with Madrid it is the pinnacle for a player and hopefully we can repeat it in the future.

  8. How do you think Real Madrid were able to win such a close final?

    We always believed in ourselves and in the fact that we could win the match. Equalising in the final minute really gave us a boost. We also had more energy than them in extra time and the desire to win the Décima gave us the extra push we needed to win.

  9. What is Ancelotti like as a manager and how did he help with last season’s success?

    You can tell he is very experienced, he knows exactly what to say, he never loses his cool and that transmits to us in difficult moments. He was very important, and he also worked very well tactically with the team, he was able to impart his style. He has won everything as a manager and a player, and you can tell.

  10. What do you think the team would have to do to win the Champions League again this year?

    It’s very difficult to win a Champions League. We have to maintain the high standards. We reached the final last year and in the previous three years we got to the semis, and I think that is the way to do it. I think it is very difficult to win but Real Madrid always has to be up there.