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Ancelotti: “The team is ready to play this match at full throttle”


NEWS | 11/08/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Cardiff)

“We’re playing against an opponent that really hurt us last year and has spent time preparing for this match”, added the coach in the Cardiff City Stadium press room.
Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the Cardiff City Stadium press room the day before the final of the European Super Cup. The Whites’ manager revealed that “Kroos and James Rodríguez will start” and analysed the match against Sevilla. “The team is ready to play the match at full throttle, but it won’t be easy because we’re playing against a team that really hurt us last year and they have spent time preparing for this match”.

“Sevilla’s style is the same as last season and they have changed the midfield with some new players. The quality of my squad is important to try and win if they have the same desire and determination to win as we had last season. If we do that we could have a very positive season”.

Ronaldo’s fitness
“Cristiano Ronaldo is fine. He has no issues and has done everything he needed to in order to be fit to play tomorrow. The problem he had is more than behind him and I think he will start the season really well”.

Kroos and James to start
“They will play from the start. Kroos is going to help us because he is very good tactically. James is an excellent player. He is very strong and runs a lot. He can play up front or as an attacking midfielder. I’m happy with the signings because the quality of the team has improved. Without a doubt”.

Bale’s motivation
“He had an excellent season. He didn’t take part in the preseason and needed time to acclimatise. He’s very fit and psychologically ready. I don’t know if he’ll play tomorrow. He’s at home but he could start on the bench”.

I’m sure Bale will do even better this season.

“He is one of the best players in the world.. Everyone knows that, but what’s more important to me is that he feels comfortable with us. Last season he was very important. There is a lot of competition in this team. I say Bale deserves to win individual titles, but I could say that Ramos and Ronaldo deserve them too”.

Future at Real Madrid
“The first press conference and we’re already talking about losing the job. I’m happy to be with this team. We always have to win and to me it is a great honour to be the coach of this team, which has brought in new players and made investments to improve this season”.

The first choice keeper for the match
“I still don’t know or I do know and I’m not going to tell you. Tomorrow Iker will play because he’s doing well and he deserves to win this match. Last year he did really well in the Champions League and he deserves to play. I think he is a great keeper and last year he had a great season, as he will this year. Everyone makes mistakes in matches. To err in football is normal. We have to learn from them. I have complete confidence in him”.

The possible transfer of Diego López
“I spoke to him yesterday and he’s looked for a good chance to leave. I thanked him and wished him luck for the future. I have a lot of affection for Milan and I think he will do well there”.

The exit of Di María and Khedira
“It’s a problem we don’t need to speak of today. Di María has been training to play this match and we are lucky that this issue has not reached the dressing room. We cannot know now what will happen in the future. We have to wait until the 31st of August. Khedira is a Real Madrid player with a contract. Both he and Di María are players on the team and both of them want to win titles with Real Madrid”.