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Ancelotti: “Atlético have not changed their style, they will be just as difficult as last year”

NEWS | 18/08/2014 | Alberto Navarro

"There will be a fantastic atmosphere in the Santiago Bernabéu and our fans are going to help us", stated Real Madrid’s manager in the press room.
Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media in the Ciudad Real Madrid press room. The Italian coach, who revealed that “Casillas will start”, analysed the first leg of the Supercup of Spain against Atlético in the Santiago Bernabéu: “There are no favourites in this tie. It is a two-leg tie, 180 minutes, and we have to prepare well. The first match will not be decisive but we will try and take the lead and put in a good performance”

“Atlético have changed a little because they have signed some big players. Their style has not changed and it will be a difficult match, as it was last season. I am not going to play the same team in both matches. While some will play tomorrow, I’ll change it a little on Friday”.

The role of the fans
“There will be a fantastic atmosphere in the Santiago Bernabéu, as always, because it is a derby. The fans are all really excited and our fans will help us tomorrow in the first leg against Atlético”.

“We have a better team than last season”.

“We’ve signed three players who are going to bring more quality to the team and so we have a better squad than last season, but in order to enjoy that quality we have to work hard. This week the competition starts and the team is ready. There are no injuries and everyone is available to play”.

The starting eleven in the first leg of the Supercup of Spain
“I still haven’t decided and I’m not going to say because I still haven’t told the players. Casillas will play in goal. Iker is doing well. Everyone is confident in him and we’ll see who plays in the upcoming matches”.

Kroos’ role
“He’s going to give us more quality and the ability to have possession and play more directly to the strikers. He also brings experience to the pitch”.

Happy with James
“Against Sevilla, he changed his normal position and he needs to get used to that. We are trying this position out and he has no problems, he just needs to get used to playing a bit deeper. He is not missing anything. There have been a lot of changes for him. We are very happy with what he is doing and we’re convinced of what he will do in the future”.

Di María’s situation
“He’s available like the rest. He may or may not start the match. I don’t know what he has decided. I just know that he’s training and ready for tomorrow’s match. It will stay the same until 31 August and then we’ll see if he stays or goes”.

A possible change of system
“In the midfield the attacking player has to be more dynamic, while the player who is closer to the centre-backs has to be tactically quick and move the ball quickly and decisively. I’m not thinking about changing the system. I’ll use the same system as last year. In a match I may change something, but just at particular points of the games”.

The Diego López transfer
“Nobody forced Diego López out. He decided to change teams and his exit is not for sporting reasons. Last year we have two good keepers and we do this year too”.