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Madrid supporters clubs in the USA

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NEWS | 21/07/2014

The club has nine supporters groups in the United States. Their popularity has grown thanks to Real Madrid's visits over the last few summers. 
The USA is the country with the most Madrid supporters clubs in the Americas. Venezuela follows them in second with four official supporters clubs. The growth of football, or soccer, in America and the universal popularity of the Whites, which has grown following the Décima win in Lisbon, generating more footballing interest in North America. 

There are nine Real Madrid supporters clubs in the United States: Los Angeles, Sur de California, New York City, Real Madrid Miami, El Niño de Miami, Windy City, La Casa Blanca Washington, The Texas Real Madrid and Peña Madridista de Atlanta. In function with the number of members, the standout supporters club is the Los Angeles (500 members), who incessantly celebrated Sergio Ramos's goal in the Champions League final. 

All of the supporters clubs meet regularly to watch Real Madrid's games at their relative bases. Also, they hold different events to promote the club and recruit new members via social media. 

When Real Madrid visited UCLA at the start of their pre-season last summer, various supporters clubs were hosted by Florentino Pérez at the Beverly Hills hotel. The president gave them a commemorative plaque, recognising their unconditional support, and a shirt signed by the whole first team squad.