Rueda de prensa de Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “We are at the beginning of an era that started last year”

NEWS | 24/07/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Los Angeles)

“This season the squad is even more competitive and we have the drive and the desire to keep winning titles”, said the Whites’ manager in a press conference.
Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media in the UCLA facilities. The Italian coach, who is about to embark on his second season at the helm of Real Madrid, spoke of his feelings on a campaign in which his team could win six titles: “We’re at the beginning of an era that began last year. We won two titles and it was very important to us. This season the squad is even more competitive and we have the drive and desire to keep winning titles”.
“This year we could do better and I’m very confident because we did a lot of work to strengthen the team last year and implement a system. We can start better than we did last season because we had problems at the start because we had not yet adapted our system”.

The matches against Inter Milan and Roma
“Both teams have signed some big names, but at this point of the season we all want to prepare well and the result is not too important. Roma signed Iturbe, which improved the squad, and Inter have made some good signings”.

The arrival of Kroos and James Rodríguez
“The club is doing a very good job. We have a good, competitive squad. The club is doing a really good job and it will until the last day. Real Madrid always tries to have players with quality and future and that is why we have made signings”.

With James and Kroos we can reach the end of the season without any problems

“They can play in different positions on the pitch, James was one of the best players at the World Cup and he will start to train early in August, like Benzema and Varane. Kroos was also one of the best. Real Madrid need this type of player for the future and the present”.

Di María
“He is a Real Madrid player. He will arrive on 5 August. With the Rodríguez and Kroos signings there is more competition in the midfield, but that’s the way it is at the big clubs. Competition is energy and last year we had problems at the end of the season”.

The number one keeper
“Keylor Navas is not a Real Madrid player. We have the same three keepers as last year. We’re in the preseason and the goalkeeper is not a problem for us. I understand that there were a lot of debates in the press last year, but not for me. I will decide who the number one keeper is at the start of the season”.

“Comparing Casillas with Navas is very difficult, despite the World Cup. Casillas starts for Real Madrid. I haven’t thought if it will be like last year. We have time to think about it because the first official match is on 12 August”.

Spain’s performance in the World Cup
“Spain won the World Cup in 2010 and they had difficulty this year. That’s football and I’m sure that Spain, like Italy, will quickly be competitive again. They have a lot of young talent.

The trip to the US
“We had a good time here last year and this year we think the facilities are fantastic again. We’re playing strong teams and that is good preparation for the season”.

The values of sport
“I’m a sportsman and I think that sport is a very good school for youths because it teaches them respect, rules and it grows you as a person for the future”.