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Ancelotti: “This squad won two titles and will continue to be very competitive”

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NEWS | 09/06/2014 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

“Everything has gone well in this first year in Madrid”, stated the manager at the presentation of his website. 
Carlo Ancelotti presented his new website and social network pages in an event at the Italian Embassy in Madrid in the presence of the ambassador, Pietro Sebastiani, and the director of football, Miguel Pardeza. “The squad is very good, we're very competitive. If we can improve it, which is not easy, we will, but I'm in no hurry. I'm very happy with these players. This squad won two titles and it will continue to be competitive”.

“We've spoken and until the end of the World Cup I don't think we'll do anything. We have to wait, we have time because the window is open until the end of August. I'm in no hurry, we don't have much to do, anything we do will be after the World Cup. We're speaking and I agree about what we have to try and improve, which is not easy because the team is very good”.

First year in Madrid
“I have the same passion as my first day and when I no longer have that, it will be time to stop. In my first year in Madrid everything has gone well: the results, the atmosphere, the surroundings... I really like Madrid and the people here. I like everything”.

Challenge of six titles
“We've got the chance to win six titles but it won't be easy. The objective for the season is to be competitive. This season we reached the final in all competitions. The first thing for next year is to concentrate on being competitive in all of them”.


“We know that we did something special this year with the Décima. We gave Madrid fans a lot of happiness and that's important. Seeing the fans' faces makes you really happy”.

“Everyone can see that Suárez is very good. He is quality, but to speak about that would lack respect. It's impossible to improve the Real Madrid attack with Cristiano, Benzema, Bale, Jesé… The strikers are very competitive”.

“Morata would like to look for an opportunity where he has more minutes. The club agrees and is exploring that option, it would be good to give him the opportunity for a year. If Morata leaves, we have to think about a similar forward who is young”.

“We have to think as if we didn't have Khedira this season, which is very important. The options in midfield are better for next season now he is back. We'll see what happens”.

Goalkeepers and Di María
“We haven't thought about that. After winning the Décima everyone went on holiday. The club spoke with Casillas, who is very happy to stay here and we're all satisfied. Di María knows that he is well-loved. The manager, the club and the fans love him. He has no doubts there”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“We haven't spoken with Portugal's doctors. I spoke to him a week ago and he was feeling fine and I think he'll be ready to play”.

Happy in Madrid
“All Italian coaches can aspire to the national team at some point. Right now I'm very comfortable here. I would like to keep managing a club. I'm very happy with Real Madrid, I like the team and I want to be here for a long time”.