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Sorteo de entradas para la final de la Champions

Real Madrid has held its draw for Champions League final tickets

NEWS | 06/05/2014

The winning applicants are those from 23,759 to 24,103 and between 1 and 3,691, inclusive in both cases, giving a total of 13,004 tickets.
For the draw for the final of the European Cup, which takes place in Lisbon on the 24th of May 2014, Real Madrid members no. 1 to 97,753 were able to apply, as long as they were over 5 years of age and up to date with their membership payments.

By the time the application window had closed on Monday the 5th of May, 73,314 members had applied for tickets in a total of 24,103 valid applications which met all requirements, making an average of 3.04 members per application.

In the draw the club awarded 13,000 tickets to members, with the following result: members between numbers 23,759 and 24,103 and from number 1 and 3.691, both inclusive, have the right to purchase tickets. The club has 34 tickets for disabled members, for which there was a specific procedure. In this procedure, if there are more applications than tickets, there will also be a draw.

The club has also made 100 tickets available for the 100 Club (Real Madrid’s longest serving members). In total the club will make 13,134 tickets available to members, which is 77.4% of the 16,970 total.

The club will inform each member who requested a ticket of the result of their application, and in the coming days the dates for ticket collection will be announced. This will take place according to the application number, in ascending order. Today, the result of each application can be checked throughout the afternoon at the Online Members Service Office. Any tickets not claimed by the winning members will sequentially be awarded to the following numbers. Tickets are non-transferable and can only be used by the winning member.

The draw was held in the Santiago Bernabéu press room, in the presence of Illustrious Notary of the College of Madrid Mr Cruz Gonzalo López-Müller, ex-player Amancio Amaro and José Luis Sánchez, director of the Social Department.