Celta de Vigo - Real Madrid

Ramos: “We can't let our heads go down"

NEWS | 11/05/2014 | Diego Jabalquinto (Vigo) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios De la Rubia

“It's time to think about the Champions League final and switch gears from the last few matches", said the Whites' vice captain. 
Sergio Ramos appeared before the media following the match in Vigo: "After a great season in this competition the team wasn't up to scratch and we've let the Liga slip away from us in a very bad way. We can't complain or let our heads go down. We have to switch gears from the last few matches".

"You go home feeling sad and disappointed for having let this unique opportunity to win the title pass us by. You realise that the Spanish Liga is the best in the world because any team can beat you. Nobody would have expected Barcelona and Atlético not to win today".

“Now it's time to think about the Champions League final and be self-critical. In other seasons winning the Copa would make it a great season and we won it this year. We have given our all on the field and tried to play as well as possible. We shouldn't take anything away from this season".


"I'll have to see the replay of the first goal. If I went down it would be a foul; I'm not going to dive when I'm the last man. Madrid always has faith and hope to win the title for as long as it's mathematically possible. It's not possible now and when it no longer depends on you your mentality changes. We have time to reflect and talk to each other. This can't happen in the final because we'll lose".

"That's football: one day you're up, the next your down. Madrid is capable of anything. We have to reflect and draw conclusions. The team has had injuries and over the season it has affected us".