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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I want to score in the Champions League final”


NEWS | 09/05/2014 | C. T. | PHOTOGRAPHER: Pedro Castillo

"The 24th of May will be a fantastic night and I hope to win”, stated the Portuguese striker.
At a promotional event at the Santiago Bernabéu with a star host, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker, the face of the new Samsung smartphone, presented the Galaxy 11 campaign and he was also asked about his state of mind in the lead up to the Champions League final: “The 24th of May will be a fantastic night and I hope to win. Atlético is a very good team, the league leader. It's a very tough team and it will be a tough match but I am confident Real Madrid will win”.

“As I have said many times, when we started the Champions League we were taking it step by step and that is how we reached the final. We've beaten some good teams. We're in the final against a great team that deserves to be there. It is no coincidence that they are top of the league; it's going to be difficult".

"Finals are always complicated, it doesn't matter who you are playing. It's always difficult, it's 50-50. Of course we want to win. The fans are excited about the idea of winning this incredible competition and, of course, I am too. But I'm  happy that there are two Spanish teams there, which means the Spanish league is very strong".

Goal-scoring record
"It's a great tally. I'm very proud of it but it's in the past, everyone is focused on the present. The present is good and I'm focusing on new challenges. I want to score in the final. If I don't score then hopefully a teammate will, the scorer is not important. I want more, more, more. It's a fantastic record, but I want to win the Champions League, that is the most important thing".


"We feel great, we feel like we're on form. There have been a few injuries, but that's normal; it happens to every team in Europe and around the world. We have a lot of matches in a season, the players are tired, but that is normal. There is time for everyone to recover for the 24th. We have to prepare well for the final".

Nothing is impossible
“We're in the fight for La Liga, we know it's going to be difficult but nothing is impossible, we're going to keep fighting. We have already won the Copa del Rey and we're in the final of the Champions League. It is a great season personally and for the team. I'm happy; we're fighting for all three competitions”.

On the World Cup
"I've said it many times: Portugal are under no pressure to win the World Cup, which is great for us. The teams with the pressure are Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany... We're going to try and enjoy it and take it match by match. Of course we want to win, but we know it's not easy".