Bayern de Múnich - Real Madrid

Casillas: “I'm delighted for the fans"

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NEWS | 29/04/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Múnich)

“To to return to Lisbon is great and hopefully it will be after the final, too", said Di María.
The Real Madrid captain spoke to the assembled media after the exhibition laid on by his side at the Allianz Arena: "Very happy. The first half went our way and emotions went from high to low. We deserved it for the way the side worked. Now to relive the sensations and hopefully in Lisbon I'll get back the feeling of what it is to win a European Cup".

"When I got my first win I never thought I'd get to this stage and I'm pleased and happy for the fans. It would be wrong for us to think that we are now the favourites. We have to enjoy today, and then think about the league, put pressure on Atlético and try to win the title. The side were great".

We didn't think that we could go into the break 0-3 up.

“We have showed an enormous capacity of concentration and it is just when we have managed to get through to the final. Bayern are the reigning champions of Europe. We have come after three years falling at the final hurdle but we got there at the fourth attempt".

Di María
“We are very happy having got to the final. It was what we wanted and what we have fought for. The goals that we might have scored in the Bernabéu we scored here today. Also, we kept a clean sheet and we go away very happy. We had respect for them as they were the reigning champions, but we weren't scared. We knew we have quality and http we could win".

"The way this side has worked and have fought all year to get here is incredible. We are very happy because we continue on our journey and alsl for those who accompany us. We always get support and this win is for our family".

Bale: "We had a great game"
“We were very confident and it was a great win. We knew it was a difficult tie. We had a great game, without losing our concentration for the 90 minutes. We are happy with what we are doing. We are in the final and we will fight to win it".