Rueda de prensa de Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “The match against Real Sociedad is very important, we are still fighting for the Liga”

NEWS | 04/04/2014

“We are faced with a difficult opponent that plays good football and we need to do everything to win”, added the Whites' coach in the press room.
Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the press in the run up to the match against Real Sociedad. The Italian coach explained his feelings on the clash: “Real Sociedad is a tricky team that plays well, above all in its home ground. We need to do everything to win because the match is very important for the league. We want to stay in the fight and the match will be vital. If we don't win the league becomes more difficult. The objective is to win and do everything to achieve it”.

“The schedule is very difficult for the clubs. The German teams have a rest in winter and come back in February and March feeling fresher. In January we played nine matches. I'm talking about all the Spanish teams, not just Real Madrid. It is a miracle that the Spanish have five teams in the European competitions. Injuries are normal”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“We're resting him because he's a little tired, in order to avoid any risk. We have important matches and that is why we're leaving him behind so that he can rest, train and be ready. On Tuesday he'll be fresher and he'll be able to recover better from the consecutive matches he's played. I've spoken to him and we decided together to give him a rest. He wants to play in every match and that's great, but he hasn't had any problems”.

At this point all teams have played a lot of games and it is normal that there are injuries. 

“We have various options for replacing Cristiano. Morata could play and move the position of the strikers. Isco is going to play. Di María is in the squad, I don't think he'll start but he'll be on the bench. He trained in the gym and I think he'll be better tomorrow. He's lost a little weight. We have to wait but I'll be putting out the freshest team. Bale is doing well, he is playing well in the matches he has and playing regularly. Changing his position could be an option tomorrow”.

“Jesé has had a fever and an inflamed knee. He needs a check-up with the doctor who operated on him and he's going to Germany to do that. It is not unusual. He has been unlucky this season. At the moment all the teams have played a lot of games and it is normal that there are injuries. I don't believe in curses”.

The squad
“We have injuries such as those of Khedira, Arbeloa and Jesé who we miss, but physically the team is doing well, we showed that on Wednesday against Borussia. The team is fine, although it is true that there are players who we miss. Khedira is doing individual work and in 10 or 15 days he could start working with us again”.