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Ancelotti: “It would be incredible to win the Tenth European Cup in my first year with Real Madrid"

NEWS | 27/04/2014

“At this stage of the competition the psychological aspect is more important than tactics”, the Real Madrid manager revealed in an interview with the 'Champions' magazine.
The Champions League is drawing to a close and only two teams will be able to take part in final in Lisbon. Carlo Ancelotti is optimistic and proved to be so in an interview for the Champions League magazine. “This is a very important competition for Real Madrid, mainly because if we win the title it will be the club's tenth European Cup. That would be really special for everyone. And the sooner we win the better. It would be incredible if I was able to win it in my first year".

“We have improved a lot since the start of the season. This team is very strong going forward and possesses top quality players, and we are working hard to make the most of that. At the moment our style of play is well defined and we are playing well in matches and are able to be very efficient in attack”.

The 4-3-3
“It allows us to play an attacking game that makes the most of our players' abilities. We exploit the wings a lot, we have defenders who push forward a lot and help out in attack, so it's not all based on individual skill. It is a team effort".
“The system has been adapted to suit the characteristics of our players. We have great players up front, like Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, and by using this system we can get the most out of them. Benzema sometimes plays in the hole, dropping deep to receive the ball, but sometimes midfielders like Modric, Isco, and Di María occupy that role".


“Our best performance in the Champions League so far this season was the first leg against Schalke 04. We won easily and played well. At this stage in the competition the psychological aspect is more important than tactics. We have to be strong mentally in order to do our best to reach the final”.

Fourth semifinal in a row
“If we use our bad experiences in the right way they can help us to improve and motivate us to be even stronger. After reaching three consecutive semifinals I think Real Madrid deserves to make the final, but that is something that depends on us and only us".

The Borussia Dortmund tie
“The second leg was very tough. It was a surprising game for us. But fortunately, despite not playing well, we were still able to reach the semifinals. That was a good experience for us, because it means that no matter how easily you win the first leg you can never rest on your laurels in the Champions League”.

A possible third Champions League title as a coach
"It is the most important competition in the world and I've had the good fortune of winning it as a player and as a manager. It was an amazing experience and for the joy it brings all the hard work in trying to win it again is worth it. This competition is as important as ever".

Sergio Ramos
“He is a player with a great personality and was practically born here, given how much he knows about the club. His performances have been vital in some games, and his presence on the pitch is enormous. He also instils courage in the rest of the team. He is a very valuable player".