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    La Liga Matchday 20
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Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund

Ancelotti: “I'm happy with the result but the second leg won't be easy”

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NEWS | 02/04/2014

“The match in general was very good, we had possession and were clinical up front”, added the Italian coach.
Ancelotti made no attempt to hide his satisfaction at his team's performance against Borussia Dortmund. The Whites' coach analysed the 3-0 victory in the Santiago Bernabéu: “I'm happy with the result, the match and the team's attitude. It wasn't an easy match, we started it well, in the second half we reduced the tempo a little. Dortmund had a good attitude, above all on the counter. It is a very dangerous team. The second leg won't be easy”.

“We did what we practised well. We pressured up front and played with intensity. We had possession of the ball and were clinical. I'm happy. In the first half we played with great intensity and energy and in the second we sat back a bit to play a little more on the counter. The atmosphere was very good”.

The second leg
“Borussia proved that they are a quality team and that they will try to turn the result around. They will try everything to come back. We have to be alert and play like we did in this match. If we play like today we'll reach the semi-finals. Touch all the wood in the world, I don't like talking about the semis yet. They are setting a trap for the second leg and we have to be prudent and avoid it”.

Cristiano Ronaldo's niggle
“It's a slight knee problem and I'm not worried about it. If the niggle, which at the moment is not a worry, continues we can rest him, but the player is relaxed. I took him off 10 minutes before the end and there is no reason to worry.


“The response has been good after the two defeats, although it is clear that we haven't completely forgotten about it because we have paid dearly for it. We're no longer at the top of La Liga but we have time. If we win all our matches, as I've said, we'll win the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, at least”.

“He had a great match, he defended and won balls. He also demonstrated his attacking ability with a goal. He had a fantastic game, really helping his team and demonstrating that he has that passion”.

“He did a great job, as he has all season, with confidence and personality. It wasn't an easy match for them at the back and he did very well. There were big spaces to cover and they did great. Iker also made a great save”.