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Xabi Alonso

Alonso: "There are six passion-filled weeks to go"

NEWS | 03/04/2014 | javier garcía

“Now every match is vital, we have to be on our game because we know what is at stake”, added the player from Tolosa.
Xabi Alonso discussed Real Madrid's current situation at a publicity event held in the Casa de América: “We have six passion-filled weeks, each match is vital, we have to be on our game. We know what is at stake. We have had injuries and those of us that are available have to be ready because this is where it gets tough”.

“It's difficult to choose between the Champions League and La Liga. Everything is still very complicated. In the Champions league there is a way to go and it has a special glamour and prestige. But it's not a question of choosing, you have to fight for everything and we have a great opportunity in all competitions. In the Liga we are doing better than last year”.

The win against Borussia
“It was very satisfying and we enjoyed it, because it's a great result but it isn't over. There are 90 minutes to go and we know that our recent history in that ground isn't good. Yesterday was great but today we're thinking about Saturday which is a very important match in order to stay in the race for the league”.

The defeats in the Liga
“The teams that beat us were on top of their games, we did not play well and made mistakes that we have paid dearly for. In La Liga we have lost the lead we had, but you have to keep fighting because there could be surprises. Personal performances in those matches affects the team. It was not good news for us, but that's football, we were behind before and we came back”.

“Cristiano did the right thing in coming off as a precaution but I don't think he'll have any problems for Saturday. Today he was with the normal team. He has 48 hours left to recover and I think he could progress well and be ready to play. He has a small niggle. It's not surprising that there are so many injuries. We have to be careful with the calendar because everything's very close together. In January for example the cup has a schedule that you don't see in other countries”. 


“Anoeta is always tricky, they have been playing well for two seasons and enjoying great results. People are excited about the team. We have to recover as soon as possible because it will be a tough match and we have to win no matter what”.

Ancelotti's plans
“I'm convinced that the gaffer's plans are correct. They may or may not be successful but we completely trust in the way we prepare for matches, from training midweek there is no doubt that we are behind the gaffer's decisions”.

Personal fitness
“I feel good, now is a time of very intense matches, I have to recover well and go into them 100%. Not every match is good but I try to stay consistent. With the 4-3-3 it's not a question of covering more of the pitch, but being more stationary and supporting those around you. Everyone has to be together in attack and defence”.