Acto de Iker Casillas con el BBVA

Casillas: "As captain I have to ask for respect for all of the team"

NEWS | 06/03/2014 | Diego Jabalquinto

Iker Casillas was the protagonist in an act organised by BBVA in which a new system of evaluating players in the league was presented. The Real Madrid captain spoke about the latest goings-on at the club. 
What we've done until now is the minimum asked of us. To be in and to fight for the three competitions. Right now our position is privileged. We are outright leaders, in the final of the cup and, barring a miracle, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

"We have to go game by game. We mustn't speculate about who will get to the Champions League final in Lisbon. Now we must think about what we have to do in the month of March in order to get to the business end of the season in the best state possible and have it in our own hands".

The cause of the side's comeback in the league
“Never give up. Real Madrid are always characterised by that phrase. You must be at your best and not give up. Second is nothing. Between all of us we have tried to cut down the distances, play better and give more attention to the defence. The result is we are now where we wanted to be seven months ago".

The derby result
“I don't think it created any doubts. They're a hard side to beat and we knew that they were going to give their all, it is an important game and we have come out of it. We have to give value to the lead we have. A few months ago we were back. We have come back into contention and are where we want to be. We have to defender our place every week". 


“First as captain I have to ask for respect for all the team, wherever they play. It's not a question of who has to play. There is a manager and he makes decisions and they shouldn't be attacked. What Carvajal gives you Arbeloa doesn't, and what Arbeloa gives you isn't the same as Carvajal. The same with Marcelo and Coentrão. They are different players but very necessary ones in a squad like Real Madrid. I speak of fullbacks like any other position".

Rotation in the starting XI
“If the boss has decided that I'm to play in the Copa and the Champions League then I want to do the best I can to help the team and play well. It's been going on for a few months, and we aren't always going to be in this situation. Up until now the gaffer has gone with Diego in the league and he is play very well. We are leaders on our own merit and a lot of that is down to Diego".

"Undervalued, no. When I'm out and about I always receive warm messages. For me this is important. Above all you have to feel valued by yourself. Doing a quick analysis, I don't know what I'm worth. I think I have at least five more years in front of me as a player. The valuation can be done by others".

Season's objectives
“Right now the World Cup is three months away. It's a fantastic event but right now the reality and  day-to-day life is the club. The most important thing is to win titles with Real Madrid. I'm sure that if we win the Décima, lots of Real Madrid players will go to the World Cup. Right now I'm only focusing on the club".

“I don't like to talk about the quarterfinals even though we are effectively through. In the quarters of the Champions League there are great teams and players. It could be an interesting draw and I think it will be".

The future of the national side
“We talk about a lot of things and amongst them is this generation and the time we have spent together. Unfortunately we're not all going to retire together. I think the veterans are fine. I think the way the national side plays has not changed in the last few years. Those who come in adapt well and those who were here before are enjoying it".

Puyol's decision to leave Barcelona
“Puyol's decision makes you think. Football waits for nobody. He thinks it's the right time to change and have new experiences. I wish him a lot of luck. He's a great teammate and professional. We want to see him happy and to be where he wants to".

Diego Costa's debut
“It's difficult when all the attention is focusing on you. He was fine and happy to have made his debut and he wants to carry on. He knows that making it into the squad isn't easy and what he will have to do in the next months is who in order to for the boss to call him up". Finally, when asked about José Mourinho's comments, he said: "He can clear it up there in England. I don't now what he has said nor what he was referring to".