Ancelotti en rueda de prensa

Ancelotti: 'I am satisfied because we have shown solidarity'

NEWS | 22/02/2014 | Javi García

“On the topic of Cristiano, someone has made a mistake; it isn't normal that we had to wait until two o'clock in the afternoon to know if he could play or not”, the Italian stated.
Carlo Ancelotti analysed the team's win over Elche in the Santiago Bernabéu press room. The Italian manager looked satisfied with the win and assessed the performance of his players: “I am satisfied because we have shown solidarity, we didn't give anything away at the back. The overall play could have been better, but at this stage of the season we have to be clinical, and that's how we played. I am very happy”.

“In this type of game, against a very compact opponent, the option of using Modric to create more one-on-one chances would have given us more goal-scoring opportunities. But Illarra played very well, he looked confident and played naturally. I am very happy for him. Before we play Schalke we'll have to see how Marcelo and Coentrão are. We will play the strongest possible team. Now all the matches are extremely important. It might be a case of whoever doesn't play on Wednesday will play on Sunday”.


“Bale had a game of contrasts: before scoring that wonderful goal he was low on confidence, but was like a different player afterwards. That goal will help boost his confidence. Bale played put in an adequate performance before the goal and was fantastic after scoring it”.

Cristiano Ronaldo's suspension
“No one is happy with this situation. I don't think the three-match ban is right, nor do I agree with them not reducing it by one match or with the fact that we had to wait until two o'clock in the afternoon to find out that he couldn't play. This is a crazy situation. Fortunately, the rest of the players were excellent and nothing happened in the end. I don't understand this situation and I won't forget it”.

Asked if this situation is damaging to the image of Spanish football, he said: “I'm not getting into that subject. In the case of Cristiano, someone has made a mistake, that's for sure. Spanish football has a good reputation abroad, this won't affect that”.

Morata and Isco's performances
“Morata's movement was fantastic, although he didn't score. He is always looking to score, but he needs to play well. It wasn't a problem though because we didn't need a goal at that stage of the game. Isco can play in the centre of midfield or as a false nine. He was great today. I am positive that he can play in that position, which requires more sacrifice. He is a quality player and can do a good job there”.

Varane's position
“Playing on the left or the right isn't a problem for him, although he is slightly more comfortable on the right. He made his return today after a long spell out and is still lacking confidence, but he played well and didn't make any mistakes, just like the rest of the defenders”.