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Elche - Real Madrid

1-2: Cristiano Ronaldo gets the win in Elche

REPORT | 25/09/2013 | Alberto Navarro

The Whites, who had picked up four wins and were unbeaten in the league before this match, got all three points thanks to two goals from the Portuguese striker just three days ahead of the Madrid derby against Atlético.
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  • Wed, 25 Sep
Martínez Valero
Real Madrid met Elche in the league for the first time in 24 years and came into the tie having won four of its last five matches in the championship. The home side, pushed on by its fans, played an extremely tactically disciplined game, which was based on frustrating the Whites’ ability to create and giving them possession of the ball.

Both sides had two chances each during the first fifteen minutes of the encounter, which were played at a very high tempo. Cristiano Ronaldo had two attempts on goal from the edge of the Elche area, while Diego López had to intervene twice to prevent the visitors from conceding early on.

The Madrid side, which began to dominate possession as the game went on, knew it had to use the element of surprise in order to get past the well-organised opposition, and it almost did so in the 39th minute. A great, defence-splitting pass by Modric found Di María, who controlled the ball in the area but was unable to beat Manu Herrera with his shot. With the second half still to come there was still plenty to decide in the Martínez Valero.


As was the case in the first half, the first chance after the break fell to the visitors when a nice bit of interplay in the 47th minute between Benzema and Khedira ended with the latter sending his shot over the bar. Real Madrid continued to look for a breakthrough and found one in the 51st minute. Cristiano Ronaldo intelligently exploited a gap in the Elche wall to catch Manu Herrera off guard with a beautifully taken free kick from distance.

The hardest part was done. Now Elche had to go all out for an equaliser which would allow the Whites a chance to kill off the tie easily on the break, however, the home side levelled the score during injury time thanks to a Boakyé header.

It looked as though the match would end in a draw but Muñiz Fernández blew for a penalty in the last minute due to a foul committed by Carlos Sánchez on Pepe. Cristiano Ronaldo dutifully found the net with the resulting spot kick to give Real Madrid its third victory in a row just three days ahead of the Madrid derby against Atlético in the Santiago Bernabéu.