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Nº 12009/2010
Summary Post:Annual Report 2009 - 2010 SUMMARY

06 Board

08 Letter from the president
Social Area Spain

14 Social Integration Schools

16 Sporting Schools in Correctional Facilities

22 Inclusive Basketball Campus II Edition

28 Donations in Spain

31 Other actions

32 Signing of agreements


40 Charity former players match Real Madrid-Milan.
      Corazón Classic Match 2010

Sporting Area

56 VIII edition Summer Campus

62 Sporting Schools

68 Sporting schools end of year party

70 Aligning Values

International Area

78 International Socio Sporting-schools

91 Socio Sporting-school in Panamá

93 Socio Sporting-school in El Salvador

98 Socio Sporting-school in Uruguay

104 Socio Sporting-school in Chile

109 Socio Sporting-school in Argentina

114 Socio Sporting-school in Colombia

118 Socio Sporting-school in Morocco

124 Socio Sporting-school in Israel
       and Palestinian Territory

128 Project Haiti: Building the Future

134 Socio Sporting-school in Jamaica

137 Socio Sporting-school in South Africa

138 Socio Sporting-school in Jordan

141 Socio Sporting-school in China

142 International donations

Cultural Area

150 Luis de Carlos Forum

159 Historical Heritage Centres

172 Real Madrid Foundation editorial policy:
        Player biographies

176 Collaborating organisations and companies

181 Special Thanks


The Real Madrid Foundation is continually growing and each year makes a greater social commitment. In our annual report, we want to show all the actions we have taken over the year in greater detail, introducing our projects in different spheres of the Foundation: national, international (socio-sporting schools), historical heritage centres, communication and charity events.