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Official club magazine "Hala Madrid"

Receive this exclusive publication for Members and Madridistas to your home, informing you from inside the club and bringing you closer to the universe of Real Madrid

Become an official supporter of the club, and for being a Madridista on the special modality, you will receive at your home address four editions each season of the exclusive official magazine of Real Madrid. Both in the Hala Madrid magazine, and in the Hala Madrid Junior for the children of the house (from 6 to 13 years old both inclusive), you will find exclusive reports about the great landmarks of Real Madrid, articles about our players, the history of the club, Madridistas characters...and much more.
In addition, we’d like to highlight the ''Tiempo de juego" and "Grada joven" sections with which you can take part in our most special competitions only for Members and Madridistas. Great prizes are at stake, as well as the chance to meet your idols in person at our already famous awards ceremonies (see the videos here to find out the latest winners). In it, you will also find many discounts and exclusive advantages for Members and Madridistas and the latest merchandising news from your favourite team.
Start enjoying this advantage that your Madridista card offers you in the special plan now, and learn everything you want to know about Real Madrid. BECOME A MADRIDISTA!

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