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Madridista Pack draw winners

Winners of the "Madridista Pack" draw

Theese are the lucky winners of the Madridista pack monthly draw. The winners will enjoy a pack with diferent gifts: Official jersey, a ball, a scarf, a cap and a Madridista Flag; so that they can show their ‘madridismo’ in a more special way.

Winners of 2018 May monthly draw


Barbosa Sánchez María Eugenia

Niño Silva Andrés

Pestana Alvarado Pedro


Winners of 2018 April monthly draw

Name and Surname

Ramiro Kohn Argentina

Alojzije Jukic Croatia


Winners of 2018 March monthly draw


Ruthesford Toran James

Beyley Pagan Veronica

Fernández Horacio Mario


Winners of 2018 February monthly draw


Ikeda Ryo

Can Escandon Víctor Hugo

Mahdi Amin


Winners of 2018 January monthly draw

Name and Surname
Card Number

Miguel Montalbetti Osores 710.212

Roberto Baltodano Cortés 866.354

Frozzy Bartley 926.666


Winners of 2017 December monthly draw

Name and Surname
Card Number

William Ho Yin Lam (Hong Kong) 766.884

Abilio Oreja Vázquez (Switzerland) 876.979

Nain Felipe Ruiz Barrios (Colombia) 943.785


Winners of 2017 November monthly draw

Name and Surname
Card Number

Evelyn Van De Vliet (Belgium) 536.434

Schall Matthieu (France) 878.862


Winner of 2017 October monthly draw

Name and Surname
Card Number

Carlos Andrés Gutiérrez Ruiz (Colombia) 741.407


Winner of 2017 September monthly draw

Name and Surname
Card Number

Herwig Reitgruber (Austria) 808.394


Winner of 2017 August monthly draw

Name and Surname
Card Number

Robert Szogi (Serbia) 923.005

Congratulations to all the winners!

And remember, If you want to be one of the winners of the Madridistas packs we are raffling each month, just for being a Member or Madridista you will participate directly in the monthly draw for free. If you are not a Madridista yet, you can request your Madridista card by clicking here or by calling the Madridista Line +34 91 374 24 00.

 Check here the legal bases of the draw