Ganadores de Sorteos Madridistas

36 - Madridista Pack: Winner of the September 2015 monthly draw.

Marisol Ramírez Amaro (Mexico). Madridista Number: 741.396

In September the winner of the monthly draw was Marisol Ramírez Amaro (Mexico) who will enjoy this fantastic “Madridista Pack” made up of: an Official Shirt, a Madridista cap, a Madridista scarf, a Real Madrid ball, togeher with our exclusive Madridista flag. 

Congratulations to Marisol Ramírez Amaro! And remember, If you want to be one of the winners of the Madridistas packs we are raffling each month, just for being a Member or Madridista you will participate directly in the monthly draw for free. If you are not a Madridista yet, you can request your Madridista card by clicking here or by calling the Madridista Line +34 91 374 24 00.