Ganadores de Sorteos Madridistas

09 - Madridista Pack: Winner of the August 2014 monthly draw.

Fabián Menéndez Suárez  (Puerto Rico). Madridista Number: 649.205

In August the winner of the monthly draw was Fabián Menéndez Suárez  (Puerto Rico) who will enjoy this fantastic “Madridista Pack” made up of: an Official Shirt, a Madridista Flag, a ball, a HalaMadrid Scarf, and a HalaMadrid Cap. 
Congratulations to Fabián Menéndez Suárez!. And remember, if you want to win one of the “Madridista Pack” drawn monthly , just for being a Member or Madridista you participate directly in the monthly draw for free. If you are not a Madridista yet, you can request your Madridista card by clicking here or by calling the Madridista Line 902 22 11 44.