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In August 2019, after watching Real Madrid games alone for 20 years, our soon to be club president started to wonder if there would be others that enjoyed the games as much as he did.  Could it be possible to find enough Real Madrid- supporters to establish a fan club in a country as small as Finland or was there one established already?  When he didn’t find an already existing fan club, he reached out to the football fan page on Facebook and found other Madridistas. From the beginning there were ten people involved that had a shared dream- to establish a Real Madrid fan club in Finland.
After a lot of hard work and dedication, the time is here. We can proudly say our dream came true! Since March 2021 we became officially a part of the Real Madrid- fan club family.

oday we have 43 members and the fan club is expanding rapidly. 95% of our members are Finnish and 5% Spanish. Before Covid-19 we watched games together but nowadays we have virtual meetings during the games.

We also have an Instagram-page, Facebook- page Peña Madridista de Finlandia, Twitter- account @madridistas_fi and some of our members talk about the team and the games on our Twitch- account PenaMadridistadeFinlandia about once a week.

We are proud to say that we are a part of the Real Madrid- family! “