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Members of Nipona are found throughout Japan, but Seiko and the President try to keep them all up to date from Madrid and Osaka, respectively. "We publish a bulletin with all the latest news and information I can find here in Madrid," continued Seiko, "We organise trips to Madrid at least once a year to see the team play in the League, the Champions League, or other competitions."

Seiko is fully integrated within Spanish society and she regrets not being able to have headquarters like most Real Madrid fan clubs. "It would be great to have one, but it's simply impossible for us because of the time zone difference. Many games are shown in Japan at 2 or 3 am, and the only thing you can do is watch them alone at home with headphones to avoid waking up the rest of the family."

Despite the distance, the time zone difference, and the language barrier, every member of the fan club is happy with the relationship they have with the Club. "We are proud of the fact that the website is also in Japanese. It proves Real Madrid realise the buzz the team creates in Japan."

The Club also likes to express its admiration for the Nipona Fan Club whenever it has a chance. In the last nine years, the Japanese fans have lived many unforgettable moments, such as their inaugural luncheon -attended by former President Lorenzo Sanz-, Florentino Pérez's visit to Japan in 2000, and their several visits to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the old Real Madrid City, where they met the players.