In a country that inevitably makes all Madridistas think of Michael Laudrup, many continue to be loyal followers of Real Madrid. “Today, we are 84 members, 99% of which are Danish. Many of us already have their Real Madrid Fan Club Card. But we are growing in number with every passing day; we will soon be more than 100 members”, asserts Jean.

True to their origins, their main undertaking is the operation and maintenance of the www.madridista.dk webpage, which gets more than 3,000 daily hits and includes a bi-monthly edition of the ‘Revista Madridista’, an on-line Danish magazine which attempts to cover all aspects pertaining to the Club: features of current squad members and mythical players, news on potential signings, in-depth articles, basketball...

It doesn't come as much of a surprise that they are full of plans and enthusiasm seeing as they are a recently coined fan club. Last year, they organised a Christmas party for all their members and this year, they plan on participating in a football tournament of fan clubs from different teams organised by the Danish Arsenal fan club. Of course, warns Jean, “We are organising a trip to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in the late spring of 2007. Although both the Vice-President, Jesper Hansen, and I have been lucky enough to watch top notch Real Madrid games –such as the final of <i>‘La Séptima’</i> European Cup–, the dream of many of our members is to attend a game in a legendary stadium and turf and even -who knows!- meeting some of their idols in person.”

Meanwhile, they make do with watching the matches on Danish TV. "Fortunately, Spanish football is very popular in Denmark,” points out Jean. They also want to continue priding themselves in their vocational Real Madrid support, something which is simply “in our blood.”