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Llull: “We’ve got a really good squad. There’s a mix of youth and experience”

88-94: Real Madrid get their league campaign underway with a win

Bàsquet Girona-Real Madrid: league champions begin title defence

Bàsquet Girona-Real Madrid

Chus Mateo: “It was a hard-fought win"

Rueda de prensa de Chus Mateo

Chus Mateo: “We have to be mentally ready to go into what will be a very difficult game”

Eighth anniversary of the 4th Basketball Super Cup

Today marks 7 years since the basketball team's 4th FIBA Intercontinental Cup

Real Madrid-Barcelona

100 Real Madrid games for Poirier

The champions celebrate in the locker room

Real Madrid-Barcelona

Llull: “The team believed right to the end and we clinched the title”

Real Madrid-Barcelona

Chus Mateo: "We showed the heart that defines Real Madrid"

Real Madrid-Barça: all eyes on ninth Super Cup success


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