1. Heurtel

    Point guard

  2. Alocén

    Point guard

  3. Llull


  4. Carroll

    Shooting guard

  5. Causeur

    Small forward

  6. Rudy

    Small forward

  7. Abalde


  8. Taylor

    Small forward

  9. Randolph

    Power forward

  10. Yabusele

    Power forward

  11. Thompkins

    Power Forward

  12. Garuba


  13. Poirier


  14. Tavares


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Myths of the European Cup

“The eyes of the tiger”
  • 1961/1978
  • Luyk
  • Clifford Luyk

The best centre of his era. With him, Real Madrid made a real jump in terms of quality and defined their identity in the 60's. As a Madrid played, Luyk managed to obtain more than thirty official titles, including the club's first six European Cups (1964, 65, 67, 68, 74 and 78).

“The humility of a super class player”
  • 1967/1983
  • Brabender
  • Wayne Brabender Cole

He was the first big shooting North American to go into Spanish basketball. He was a relentless scorer and also a player who knew how to really commit in defence. Real Madrid won four European Cups with him (1968, 74, 78 and 80), as well as many other titles.

“Born with the jump shot”
  • 1959/1973
  • Emiliano
  • Emiliano Rodríguez Rodríguez

His enviable trophy cabinet says everything about one of the great idols of Madrid. The Real Madrid winning gene is reflected in this immense shooter. He helped the club win 4 European Cups (1964, 65, 67 and 68), 12 league titles and 9 Copa del Rey titles.

“A synonym of success”
  • 1959/1969
  • Lolo Sainz
  • Manuel Sainz Márquez

He had a number of successes during all of his periods with the club. As a point guard with the Whites he won 4 European Cups (1964, 65, 67 and 68). As a coach he continued to take the team to the summit, winning two European Cups in 1978 and 1980.

“The definition of counterattacking”
  • 1959/1969
  • Sevillano
  • Carlos Sevillano De la Cuerda

An iconic member of the Whites basketball squad of the 60's. He was the Real Madrid captain over the first four European Cups, and was a multi-faceted player who ended up playing as a centre, forward and point guard. He was a counterattacking expert because of great speed.

“The best Spanish point guard in history”
  • 1971/1988
  • Corbalán
  • Juan Antonio Corbalán Alfocea

Over his 17 seasons as a Madrid player, his career acted as a bridge linking the legendary sides of the seventies and eighties. An extremely intelligent point guard, his style of play continued on from Lolo Sainz, he was European Champion in 1974, 78 and 80.

“A record player”
  • 1969/1987
  • Rullán
  • Rafael Rullán Ribera

One of the best centres on the continent. He is the player who spent the most seasons playing for Real Madrid. A tireless fighter, he offered great quality in attack and commitment at the back, and won more than 30 titles with the Whites, including 3 European Cups (74, 78 and 80).

“The greatness of the scorer”
  • 1973/1980
  • Szczerbiak
  • Walter Szczerbiak

A scarily good shooter who became the perfect successor to Emiliano. The American forward made a decisive contribution to the European Cup wins of 1974, 78 and 80 with incredible scoring ability and defence against star rivals.

“The most brilliant point guard”
  • 1967/1979
  • Carmelo Cabrera
  • Carmelo Cabrera

One of the first great point guards to come out of Europe. The Canary Islander came to Real Madrid aged 18 and by 20 he was a regular starter in the international squad. His magical assists and excellent game vision helped Madrid win their fifth and sixth European Cups (74 and 78)

“The czar of European basketball”
  • 1992/1995
  • Sabonis
  • Arvydas Romas Sabonis

One of the best players of all time. A dominant centre blessed with extraordinary game vision. He was named MVP of the 1995 Final Four after scoring 23 points against Olympiakos in Zaragoza. Real Madrid won their eighth European Cup there.

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Real Madrid, the continent's most decorated basketball team, lifted La Novena on their home court, a feat they previously achieved in their first three European Champions' Cup triumphs (1964, 65 and 67).


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