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Members and Fan Clubs null

Emilio Butragueño, with the Los Angeles Madridista fan group

Florentino Pérez attends the 20th anniversary dinner of the Federation of Madridistas Supporters Clubs for the Community of Madrid

Florentino Pérez heads a meeting of supporters clubs in Japan

Supporters' groups get together in Trondheim

This is how the supporters' clubs celebrated la Undécima

Florentino Pérez and la Undécima trophy head the supporters' club meeting in Morocco

Florentino Pérez visits Casablanca's Instituto Juan Ramón Jiménez

Florentino Pérez at the 50th anniversary of the Madridista Ibáñez supporters group null

The Elections for representative members will take place on 24 April null

The 'Peña Madridista' Supporters' Group in Nicaragua celebrate the club's 114th anniversary null

The Los Angeles madridistas supporters club collected toys for the neediest children

Florentino Pérez attended the anniversary meal of the Community of Madrid's Federation of Supporters' Groups