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Members and Fan Clubs

Members of Eleven Bastions Real Madrid supporters' group attend training

The Whites' most vocal supporters cheered on the team from their new location null

Macedonian Madridista Supporters’ Club meeting

Florentino Pérez greeted the Peña Madridista Windy City

The fans show their passion for Real Madrid in Miami null

Fan group meeting in Miami

Florentino Pérez welcomes Peña Madridista Sur de California

Florentino Pérez hosts members from Peña Madridista San Francisco Bay Area

Fan group meeting in Gijón

Florentino Pérez, at the 29th anniversary of the Ramón Mendoza supporters club

Florentino Pérez attends La Saeta Supporters' Club tribute to Paco Gento

Florentino Pérez attends Peña Casa Madridista of Morocco supporters' group 3rd anniversary celebrations