Bellingham: "This team means Champions League"

"I hope we can win one more European Cup and keep building on the greatness of this club", said Courtois 

Bellingham: "This team means Champions League"

Bellingham, Courtois, Lucas Vázquez, Brahim and Fran García spoke to Realmadrid TV at the UEFA Open Media Day in the run-up to the Champions League final, in which our team will be attempting to lift la Decimoquinta. The Englishman gave his thoughts: “It's very special for me to play this game, but we have to try to put the emotions to one side. It's been a great first season, everyone has welcomed me very well”.

“It's important that we're at our best. It's difficult for the other teams when we play at that level. Our staff are analysing everything so we can win, I have 100% confidence in them. To play this kind of game is the reason why I'm here. I always dreamed of playing for this team and scoring goals. This team signifies Champions League, it's what they always want. I want to make a little bit of history with this team”.

Courtois: “Being available for the final is my personal victory”
“To have been able to play four games already and to be available for the final is my personal victory. All my hard work helped me to play in May. When you get injured you have to come back and prove that you're the same as before or better, and that's what I've been thinking about for the last few months. I'm happy to be able to make all those saves on the pitch”.

“I'm very happy to be part of Real Madrid's history. We have a tough game ahead of us, but I want to keep building on the greatness of this club. I hope we can win one more European Cup. Borussia are a great side, they know how to defend, they are good at set-pieces and on the counter-attack. I'd like to thank my team-mates, the club and the fans for their support after an injury like this”. 

Lucas Vázquez: “The most important thing for madridismo is to win the Champions League”
“We all just want to get to the final and win it. The important thing is for the team to win the Champions League for madridismo. The opposition won't make it easy for us, but if we do everything we should during the week I think we can win the Champions League. We're going to work as hard as we can to achieve our goal of winning the Champions League and to give everything we've got”.

“I've felt very comfortable this year and the team has taken a big leap forward. All the players have taken a step forward. That's why we've won the league, we're in the Champions League final and we've had a great season. You can never get used to playing in the Champions League final. It takes a lot to get there and it's important to enjoy the week”.

Brahim: “It's been a wonderful season”
“I'm very happy to have made it to a final, my first one. I hope it's the first of many. It's been a wonderful season, this group makes everything so easy. We're not friends, we're a family and everything is much easier with my team-mates. It's been a very even season for everyone and we're now in another final”.

Message to the fans
“Madridistas, thank you very much for your support. We have one final left to play and we're going for number 15. We're going to fight for it, we'll give everything and it'll be easier with your support”.

Fran García: “Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate the Champions League in a few days”
“We're going to wrap up the season in the best possible way. It's something special and it's very nice. I've been able to return to Madrid, which not many people are lucky enough to do, and experience this year with the league and the Super Cup. Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate the Champions League in a few days”.