Recuperación de Marcelo

Marcelo's recovery

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NEWS | 06/04/2014 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

Sessions in the gym, on the physio's table, exercising in cold and hot water and working on grass are the foundations of the Brazilian's daily routine.

The road to recovery is a long and hard one. Marcelo knows better than most as he makes his way to the Ciudad Real Madrid every morning with the same objective in mind: to overcome his muscle injury. Sessions in the gym, being treated by the club's physiotherapists, exercising in cold and hot water and a lot of work on grass are the cornerstones of his recovery. With his team mates and only, the Brazilian is following the advice of the club's doctors. His goal is to return to the team fully fit and as soon as possible in order to help the team during the final stretch of the season.