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    Vívelo en el Santiago Bernabéu
    Real MadridReal Madrid
    Schalke 04 Schalke 04
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    Champions League, Round of 16 (Second-Leg)
    Santiago Bernabéu



    Champions League20:45Real MadridvsSchalke 04

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    Real MadridReal Madrid
    Alba BerlinAlba Berlin
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    Euroleague, 10 (Top 16)
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    Euroleague21:00Real MadridvsAlba Berlin


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    Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano

    Ancelotti: “We reacted well and we'll look forward with optimism"

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    NEWS | 29/03/2014 | javier garcía | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

    “We played a great game, with a good attitude on the pitch", added the coach in the press room. 

    Carlo Ancelotti seemed satisfied with his side's performance against Rayo Vallecano. The Madrid coach analysed the game: "Naturally this win is important. Today we reacted well following two losses. We played a great game, with a good attitude on the pitch. This serves to prepare well for the next game. In the last two games we made errors at the back. Today we didn't and we used the counterattack well. The back four were good".

    "We have to carry on, it's an important part of the season for all of us. We could be better given we lost twice, but physically we're good. Also we reacted well and we carry on looking forward optimistically. If we win all the games that we have left at least we win the Champions League and the Copa del Rey. We just have to think in ourselves and be positive".

    Wins for Atlético and Barcelona
    “They could affect us a little bit, it's normal. We must be focused on our game and nothing else. Maybe those who didn't play today were listening to the results, but those who were going to play weren't thinking about other sides".

    We just have to think about ourselves and be positive.

    “I have always said that sometimes I understand whilstes because they can be deserved. Right now no, the players are putting in a lot of effort. We need the help of everyone. Whilstling Cristiano isn't comprehensible".

    "On Wednesday we'll have a great atmosphere at the Bernabéu because everyone is dreaming of the Décima and they know we can win if everyone gets behind the team. Together we can achieve the dream. Diego López is focused on his profession and I don't think critics hurt him".

    The fitness of Xabi Alonso and Cristiano Ronaldo
    “Xabi seems fine. Di María and Modric's positions require a lot of dynamism, but Xabi plays in a position that we don't need quite as much dynamism, more balance, good positional sense and intelligence. He is very intelligent. Cristiano is fine, he had a bit of pain in his knee, but no more".