Carroll Jaycee Carroll

Shooting guard
Place of birth
Laramie (Wyoming, USA)
Year of birth
82 kg.
1.88 m.
“I'm a player with a lot of energy who always strives to give his all”

He is an old-school scorer, a player who always has the hoop at the top of his mind and who is not concerned with missing shots. He steps onto the court hungry for the ball, willing to make the most of his minutes in play. That is why he is a sure bet when in the starting team, but he can also be a catalyst when coming off the bench. Little wonder that his capacity to score so many points from so few plays earned him the nickname ‘Boom Boom’ when playing in the Italian league.
Carroll is a nightmare for his rivals due to the speed with which he does everything on the court. He doesn't need much space to take a shot. Sometimes half a meter is sufficient. He is lethal when he receives on the 6.75 line, and he has the skills to score when closer to the hoop, which implies that defenders never rest when he's on the court. He in turn seems immune to tiredness.
In his third season at Madrid, he plays an essential role in Pablo Laso's style of play. He is the ideal man to unblock the game when the offense is short on ideas, and the lash that serves to break open tight games. A luxury for any team.

European Cup - 1

European Cup

Intercontinental Cup - 1

Intercontinental Cup

ACB League - 3

ACB League

Copa del Rey - 5

Copa del Rey

Spanish Super Cup - 3

Spanish Super Cup

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